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Manual Safety for GLOCK® - Now available for all models of GLOCK®, including the M-36, this safety adds protection to gun handling for GLOCK® owners.

GLOCK® Grip Reduction - GLOCK® owners with smaller hands reading Massad Ayoob's 2005 article in On Target find the GLOCK® grip reduction service we provide interesting. Read more about this service and see pictures of a finished GLOCK® Model 23. The grip reduction is available for all GLOCK®s. Prices are available on our gunsmithing services webpage.

See details of these guns for sale.

Not so new, but interesting...

Sentry Solutions Dry Lube products available from Tarnhelm Supply. As described in On Target Magazine, Sentry Solutions designed these lubrication products specifically for guns. Try it today! See our services for gunsmithing pricing using Sentry Solutions products.

New in 2002, Tarnhelm Supply now installs the Manual Safety for GLOCK®. This safety installs directly into the frame of the GLOCK® and does not interfere with loading or reloading. See our Services Section for prices and shipping instructions.

Feel comfortable installing it yourself? See our Supplies Section.

In April, 1999, Tarnhelm Supply successfully installed a Murabito Safety in a Taurus Ultra Light .38 Special. The Taurus is very similiar to a Smith & Wesson revolver, and with some modifications the safety works fine.

As with other revolvers fitted with this safety, only a slight cant of the thumbpiece indicates that this gun is different from any other Taurus.

This addition to the list of revolvers that can have this add-on safety allows us to offer Taurus owners of this model another safety alternative.

We will continue our efforts to expand eligible guns for our safeties.

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Concord Monitor Features Magna-trigger Safety Article

On November 10, 1998, New Hampshire's
Concord Monitor featured Tarnhelm Supply and its revolver safeties in its Business Section. Ricky was interviewed by Ann Marimow of the Monitor Staff and did an excellent article describing our smart gun technology.

The article gives some of Ricky's background and how we came to offer the Magna-Trigger to you.

Photos were taken by Ken Williams of the Monitor Staff. Ann and Ken were surprised that such a safety existed and at how easy it was to engage and disengage. Most people who see the Magna-trigger think of it as being "magic".

Read the article for yourself. We've posted it in our Writers Corner section.

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Massad Ayoob - Outstanding American Handgunner of the Year

Massad Ayoob was named The Outstanding American Handgunner of the Year during the NRA's annual conference in June, 1998. He received this lifetime achievement award for his numerous books, articles and training films. Over the years, Mas has taught thousands of gun owners the safe and proper use of firearms for sport, competition, and self defense, always stressing safe gun handling techniques.

Congratulations to Mas! He joins William Ruger of Newport and the late Warren Center of Rochester, both gun designers to be the third New Hampshire citizen to win this prestigious award.

Kudos also to his younger daughter, Justine, who came in first for the sub-junior class (ages 13 and younger) at the National Junior Handgun Championship held in Central Lake, Michigan.

These two make quite the team as witnessed by their winning the National Champion Child/Parent Team title in the sub-junior division.

Mas watches his daughter, Justine, shoot
This photo is from a very special LFI-I class as it was Justine's first exposure to a formal LFI class.

True to what Mas teaches, Justine's coach was not a close relative, but rather Bonnie Young of North Carolina. Congratulations, Justine.

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Ricky Devoid attends Colt Factory Armorers' School

In April, 1998, Ricky was invited to Colt Firearms in Hartford, CT to attend their armorers' school for the Colt 1911 (O-Frame). Having already been trained by most of the other firearm factories, this additional to Ricky's already extensive training will allow our customers to have one-stop gunsmithing.

Whether you have a GLOCK®, H&K, Ruger, S&W, Beretta, Sig Arms and now Colt, Ricky will be able to give you expert gunsmithing to make your autopistol, revolver, or long gun the best that it can be.

All gunsmithing services available for the other makes are now available for the Colt 1911. The Magna-Trigger conversion is not available for the Colt at this time.

The Murabito Safety may be available for the Colt in the future.

Call now to see what Ricky can do for your Colt, or check out our Gunsmithing Services.

LFI-III Photo Album

The third in a series, this LFI-III album is from the August, 1997 class in Dunbarton, NH.


Tarnhelm Supply attended the annual ASLET convention in January, 1997. Law enforcement trainers from around the country met in Buffalo, NY, braving blizzards and very cold weather to see the latest in law enforcement training tools, gunsmithing supplies, books, etc.

The exhibition hall was open for three days, while training sessions were conducted throughout the week. Training courses in various disciplines were taught by some of the very best teachers.

Ricky Devoid explained the benefits of a drylube system to the several hundred interested visitors.

Part of the display was a Colt submerged in a water bath. Here a visitor is surprised to see that the gun shows no rust whatsoever. The Colt had been treated with the dry lubrication system and sat in the water bath for hours.

Each night the gun was removed, and treated. The product used displaces the water and gives a rust protection that lasts and lasts. The next morning the firearm was placed again in the display. Even after 3 days of soaking in water, there was no sign of rust.

Also shown at the exhibit were revolvers that had been converted to Magna-trigger guns, and those fitted with a Murabito Safety. The three guns shown here had also been treated with a dry lubrication system.

At the luncheon sponsor by Red Man, the Red Man protective gear was demonstrated to the audience.

Various kicks and strikes were shown and even with full force kicks, the gear gave full protection.

Even vicious kicks did no damage. The crowd appreciated the demonstration, and the lunch provided by Red Man.

Ricky Devoid addresses Massachusetts Sub-Committee on "SmartGun" Legislation

On November 26, 1996, Ricky was invited by the Massachusetts Attorney General's office to speak to a sub-committee holding public hearings in regards to proposed legislation. This legislation would require firearms owners to buy guns with "smartgun" technology installed (such as the Magna-Trigger Safety device).

The intent of the law was to protect children in the home from accidental deaths, suicides and murders using firearms.

Ricky explained our company's position on the law by saying:

However, Ricky went on to say that with his years of experience as a police officer, with his training as an armorer at many factory armorers' schools, and as a business man, his recommendation to the legislature was to defeat this proposed law.


Because any safety device, even one as reliable and tested as the Magna-trigger:

Questions following his addresses included this one: "Mr. Devoid, as a police officer, you surely would support a law that would protect children under 6 years of age?"

This question was asked after Ricky had emphasized that the education of children was the best way to protect them, and that a program should be in every grade at school. The intent of the question was to point out that children under 6 would not be exposed to that sort of program, and that the law was still necessary.

Ricky's reply to this was, "It would be better to educate the parents."

Our Second Amendment rights are too important to legislate away, even with the best of intentions, and they should be available to rich and poor alike.

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Added Gunsmithing Service

Are you having problems with your revolver locking up due to dirt and powder getting caught underneath the extractor star? You can eliminate this problem with the new service available from Tarnhelm Supply.

Called the Powder Eater, this modification puts a series of cuts on the underside of the extractor star. If you are able to get one shot off, the dirt and accumulated powder under the star will be blown out, and your gun will continue to fire rather than bind up.

A closer look at the extractor star shows the cuts made to the underside.

The price for the modification is $55.00, and available for S&W, Taurus and Ruger revolvers.

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Update - Smart-Lock Magnetic Safety for Beretta 92F

We have received a proto-type of this magnetic safety, and Ricky installed it into Massad Ayoob's Beretta 92F. The problems encountered were reported to the manufacturer along with Ricky's suggestions for improvements.

Those improvements are being incorporated into the design. Once Ricky has received the new, improved parts, we will again report on the functionality of this safety device.

To those who are waiting for one for their Beretta, the wait must go on. We will not recommend this conversion until it has proven itself reliable.

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Is the Magna-trigger Available for a S&W J-Frame?

We've received many questions about whether or not the Magna-trigger is available for the S&W J-frame. We hope this will clear up those questions:

Yes, we do have a system for the J-frame. However, we don't recommend converting J-Frames, because the system is not as reliable. It's a larger module, and the extra weight leads to the ability of a person in the know being able to defeat the safety by throwing the gun to the side while trying to shoot without the ring on. It's so heavy that inertia throws the safety mechanism out of the way and the gun will fire.

This does not happen with the K, L, or N frame conversion.

Another drawback is that it is more expensive. The cost is $450 for the conversion, with the rings still being $40 each. Turnaround time is longer as it is a more complicated conversion, 8-10 weeks.

Turnaround time for Magna-trigger conversions for the K, L or N frames is 4-6 weeks.

We do have an alternative. We acquired the Murabito revolver safeties, one of which is ideal for S&W J-frames. This safety mechanism turns the thumbpiece into a safety. It does not need the Magna-trigger ring. By pushing the Murabito safety slightly forward and up, the hammer is locked forward, and the gun cannot fire.

Of course, if someone were familiar with this safety, they could easily disengage it and the gun would fire. But if they were not, they would fumble with it, just as people do when they are unfamiliar with an autopistol safety. It would gain you some time in an attack.

The cost of this safety is very reasonable. We have a special on it now at $119.95, with shipping and handling included. Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.

Our recommendation would be to either buy a S&W K, L, or N frame gun, use the better, less-expensive Magna-trigger conversion, or if cost is a factor, convert your J-frame with the Murabito safety.

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Lethal Force Institute Photo Album - #1

We have a photo album of the LFI course taught in June, 1996 in Dunbarton, NH. See some of the techniques taught at this highly rated school of defense. Massad Ayoob found this class to be special as one of the students was his younger daughter!

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Lethal Force Institute Photo Album - #2

Second in our series is a Stressfire photo album. This album contains photos of the June, 1996 Stressfire course taught in Dunbarton, NH. See under what kind of stress the students are taught!

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History of the Tarnhelm

Listen to a musical score written for The Ring Circle by Larrance Fingerhut in collaboration with playwright Jeff Goode called the Tarnhelm Song.

How did we get our name? Tarnhelm Supply started in 1976 as Ricky Devoid, d/b/a Tarnhelm Supply. Ricky Devoid began the business as a firearms dealer. The original office was situated across the street from the State Penitentiary in Concord, NH.

For the obvious reasons, Ricky did not want the inmates to know that there was a gun shop a few yards away from the main door to the prison. When it came time to pick a name for the business, someone suggested the Tarnhelm, which is a helmet from a myth called The Ring of the Nibelung.

A warrior who places the Tarnhelm helmet on his head becomes invisible. Since Ricky wanted the gun shop to be "invisible" to the inmates, he choose the Tarnhelm as the company logo.

It was in 1981 that Ricky Devoid joined Massad Ayoob at Lethal Force Institute. Ricky helped Mas teach the courses, with Massad being LFI and Ricky remaining Tarnhelm Supply. Although the two companies were always distinct from one another, the close relationship was maintained throughout the years. Ricky is still LFI's Senior Instructor.

Ricky began doing gunsmithing work part time in 1984, when he took his first factory armorer's course at Smith and Wesson.

In 1993, Tarnhelm Supply Co. incorporated and moved its operation from Concord to Boscawen, NH. It is now a full time operation and has its own gun ranges. We are growing fast. In addition to the gunsmithing, we teach our own self-defense courses, and we have specialized in add-on gun safeties for law enforcement, security, and to protect children in the home.

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