Other Merchandise

Manual Safety for GLOCK® - The Kit for self-installation $85.00
Surefire flashlights $60.00
recharge adapter kit $56.00
flashlight and recharger $110.00
batteries for 6P (needs two) $6.25 each
replacement bulbs $14.50
Eagle Grips (Like Spegel Boot Grips for S&W J, K, Frame, RB) $35.00
Saf-T-Trainers (plastics bullets, for dry fire) .22, .380, 9mm, .38, .40, .10, .45 ACP, .223, .50, 12-gauge $1.50
Maglight Lite Pack: 3-Cell D & 2-Cell AA w/holster $25.00
Mogem adapter for the Mini Maglight $19.95
SFAS Holsters-Ankle holster recommended by Ayoob $75.00
Allessi Ankle Holster $90.00
Thunderwear holsters (excellent for women) $50.00
Kleen Bore Magazine well brushes or mop (specify caliber and if single stacked or double) or mag $4.95
Kleen Bore Magazine well brush for AR-15 $5.95
Punch - Pepper Spray 5% - different sizes CALL
Spyderco Catcherman (black or yellow: serrated, 3/4 straight edge) $48.00
All Spyderco Knives (call for price) CALL Spyderco Folding Scuba Knife $49.95
Automatic knife, 3.75" blade, used by DEA, FBI, US (Police, military CUSTOMS, & Elite Police/tactical personnel only) $200.00
Kit-N-Kaboodle Cleaning Kit (fits in your pocket) $30.00
Colt Grips (Walnut; Checkered, 1911 style only) $25.00
Exploding Targets - $1.00 each, or box of 10 $8.00

New Shipping Policy

We have installed a new shipping system at Tarnhelm Supply and will be shipping guns and merchandize at cost plus a standard $5 handling charge per shipment. Guns now require a signature. We insure all guns shipped. Insurance shipping charges will be added to the shipping cost as well as charges for 2nd Day service or Next Day service if you have requested the faster delivery.

Please indicate on your orders to us the value of your gun BEFORE gunsmithing work has been done. We will add the gunsmithing charges for work performed to the appraised value you have given us to determine the amount we will be insuring. If you have not included the amount you think your gun is worth, then you have agreed to the value that we appraise the gun to be worth at the time of shipment.

Please keep in mind that the higher value you place on your gun for shipment the higher the shipping costs. We limit our liability for lost guns to the insured amount. Because of UPS policies in regards to gun shipments, Tarnhelm Supply uses Federal Express exclusively. Please ship your guns to us through Fedex, and be sure to insure your gun properly.

Please be sure you have given us a complete street address that is correct, as well as a telephone number. Guns cannot be shipped through the US Mail.

Personal checks or money orders are accepted.

MasterCard and Visa welcome!

For more detailed information, please write or call:

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