GLOCK Manual Safety

An aftermarket, non-factory, add-on that does not void the GLOCKŪ warranty

A GLOCK manual safety, available at this time for all models of the GLOCK® , can enhance your ability to prevent accidental discharges. A GLOCK manual safety works with a flip of the right thumb and adds another layer of protection while handling the gun.

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Why take a chance that a moment of forgetfullness leads to a tragic accident? GLOCKs®, originally designed without safeties so law enforcement officers could transition easily from revolvers to semi-autopistols without having to learn how to disengage a safety, can have added protection built in by the installation of the GLOCK manual safety.

This ergonomically designed safety works in fashion similar to the Colt 1911 safety, except that it is in the frame. With adequate training, disengaging the safety becomes habit, yet the safety may bring the history of accidental discharges with a GLOCK® to an end. You can load and unload the firearm with the safety engaged, which locks all the factory-standard passive safeties as well.

The GLOCK manual safety, manufactured from stainless steel, is chrome-plated with a black matte finish, but is not available for ambidextrous installation or the right side of the frame. However, left-hand shooters can disengage the safety easily after proper training and practice.

For those seeking to have this GLOCK manual safety installed by a professional gunsmith, Tarnhelm Supply offers this service for $125.00 plus shipping and handling charges. Those interested in purchasing a kit for self-installation can order the kit for $85.00 plus shipping and handling.

Shipping Policy

Please click here for our shipping policy. We were shipping guns at a standard $35 charge per gun, but have discovered that this may not be enough to cover one gun, and may be too much for multiple guns shipped at the same time. For that reason, $35 per gun should be considered an estimate for shipping and handling charges. We want to be fair to our customers and yet protect ourselves from the rising costs of charges from Federal Express.

We insure all guns shipped. Insurance shipping charges are included in the $35 estimate, which includes insurance in the amount of $500. Should your shipment be valued higher, we reserve the right to increase the charge to cover the increased costs of additional insurance. For dealer to dealer shipments, for which ATF regulations differ, please contact us for a shipping charge quote.

To each shipment, we add a $10.00 handling charge. This covers our time getting the shipment ready for Federal Express. If we ship one gun back to you, the handling charge for that shipment is $10.00. If we ship five guns back to you in one shipment, the handling charge is $10.00. The weight of your package, its destination, the total amount of insurance, and available Federal Express services in your area are all factors affecting what we will charge for shipping. We are happy to take the time to calculate this for you if you would like to pay by check or money order.

Please indicate on your orders to us the value of your gun BEFORE gunsmithing work has been done. We will add the gunsmithing charges for work performed to the appraised value you have given us to determine the amount we will be insuring. If you have not included the amount you think your gun is worth, then you have agreed to the value that we appraise the gun to be worth at the time of shipment.

Please keep in mind that the higher value you place on your gun for shipment the higher the shipping and insurance costs will be. We limit our liability for lost guns to the insured amount. Because of UPS policies in regards to gun shipments, Tarnhelm Supply uses Federal Express exclusively. Please ship your guns to us through Fedex, and be sure to insure your gun properly.

Please be sure you have given us a complete street address that is correct, as well as a telephone number. Guns and gun frames cannot be shipped through the US Mail by non-licensees.

Personal checks or money orders are accepted.

MasterCard and Visa welcome!

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