Murabito Revolver Safety

A picture of
 a revolver with the safety installed, and being setHow the safety works

This safety device was designed by Frank Murabito many years ago and has been installed in over 60,000 revolvers.

Tarnhelm Supply has obtained this patented safety device from Mr. Murabito, and we are now the sole source for its installation. It is available for S&W J, K, L, or N frame revolvers and uses factory parts for the conversion. The thumbpiece becomes the revolver safety. The installation does not affect the action or any functionality of the revolver.  This conversion should be done only to the older style S&W revolvers, the ones without the keylock above the thumbpiece. As an aside, several times we have seen the factory keylock engage during live fire at the gun range. A better solution is to add the Murabito safety to one of the older style guns. We've NEVER seen the Murabito safety engage during live fire.

It was developed for those of us who would like to carry a revolver, but don't like the idea of a revolver without a safety lever. Simple to use, it is an excellent alternative or add-on to the Magna-trigger safety conversion.

The safety is set by pushing the cylinder latch forward and up. The photograph above shows how the mechanism works.

Currently, it is available only for the S&W revolvers. Cost for the conversion is $150.00 per firearm. As all guns are shipped back to you insured, extra charges may be added to the shipping cost if necessary to cover a high insurance cost if your gun is very valuable. Please see our shipping policy for details on shipping and handling charges and how you may obtain an estimate of these charges.

Work has begun on obtaining parts needed for this safety device for installation into other guns, such as Rugers and Colts. Those guns required a safety lever to be added to the firearm. Prices for converting those guns will be announced in the future as the parts become available.

We've done some safeties installations, and John Farnam tried it, along with an action hone. Here's what he had to say about it:

"Rick, I would like you to know how much I appreciate the opportunity to use your new revolver safety. The job you did on my S&W Centennial was, as is your custom, exceptionally competent and thorough. Your work is second to none. I love the trigger, and the safety works exactly as advertised."

John S. Farnam, President
Defense Training International, Inc.
Each order takes approximately one to two weeks to process. Call for an exact estimate of turnaround time.

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