Shipping Policy

Most customers like to know how much shipping and handling will be when they place their orders. For some services, such as installation of the Glock Manual Safety, we quote an estimated $55 for this charge. However, with costs changing so frequently, we reserve the right to charge actual shipping costs plus $10 for each shipment of firearms. For gun parts, the actual cost plus a reasonable $5 handling charge will be what we pass onto you.

This may mean that we cannot quote the shipping and handling until we receive your firearm and complete the work, appraise the value of the gun, and calculate shipping and insurance charges. We can quote in advance if you provide us with the weight of the package, its value, its destination going back to you, and what services Federal Express offers in your area.

Guns now require a signature. We insure all guns we ship. Insurance shipping charges will be added to the shipping cost as well as charges for 2nd Day service or Next Day service if you have requested the faster delivery and it is available in your area. Not all of the inexpensive Fedex services are available everywhere. We will ship at the lowest cost possible. We are not in business to make profits on shipping, but these days, the cost of shipping can change from the time we receive your firearm(s) to the time we ship back to you. If we have quoted costs in advance, we will stand by that quote.

Please indicate on your orders to us the value of your gun BEFORE gunsmithing work has been done. We will add the gunsmithing charges for work performed to the appraised value you have given us to determine the amount we will be insuring. If you have not included the amount you think your gun is worth, then you have agreed to the value that we appraise the gun to be worth at the time of shipment.

Please keep in mind that the higher value you place on your gun for shipment the higher the shipping costs. We limit our liability for lost guns to the insured amount. Because of UPS policies in regards to gun shipments, Tarnhelm Supply uses Federal Express exclusively. Please ship your guns to us through Fedex, and be sure to insure your gun properly.

Please be sure you have given us a complete street address that is correct, as well as a telephone number. Guns cannot be shipped through the US Mail.

Personal checks or money orders are accepted.

MasterCard and Visa welcome!

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