Law Enforcement Officer Memorial

This page is an on-line memorial to those who have fallen in the line of duty. As a supplier of police safety equipment and training, it is our hope that our efforts keep this page as short as possible.

If you have a friend or relative that should be listed here and isn't, a simple e-mail will add the name and history to the memorial.

MIS Defense Products - Safety - Security - Self Defense: Discover a large selection of products for self defense, personal protection, security, and safety.

Cominolli Web Site

Articles and further information on the Manual Safety for GLOCK® on this web page:

Security Awareness & Firearms Education
Robert Smith, the owner and director of SAFE, is an associate instructor and Northwest representative for Lethal Force Institute.

rec.guns on the Web is a site hosted by David Putzolu. is another site that sells guns.

RKBA (the Right to Keep and Bear Arms) is a site hosted by Jeff Chan. This is an excellent site from which you can find out more about firearms and the right to keep and bear arms. It has information that details the ongoing battle to preserve your arms rights.

GunWeb-An online gun magazine

Valley Fire Arms

Crime Prevention Products is a UK personal alarms manufacturer, also offering counterfeit detection, vehicle and home security products. You'll find them at

Valley Fire Arms logoValley Firearms and self-defense training is located in Seymour, Connecticut and is owned by RichardMillo, an LFI graduate and teacher. He offers a variety of armed and unarmed self-defense courses available to civilians and law enforcement officers.

National Rifle Association
Does this really need an explanation?...keep up with what's going on with the NRA by visiting this site.

HKG Reliable Software

HKG logo This company produces some interesting Windows software products for hunters, shooters, and outdoorsmen.

Thierry Duguet, Engraver, of Troy, VA has a new site on the web. He has been engraving fine firearms, knives and collectibles for many years, and treats every job as a work of art.

Alaskan Firearms AccessoriesThis company has a great shipping policy for their offerings. They charge $4.95 for shipping and handling regardless of the size of your order. They carry fanny packs and holsters.

No Rust logo

CIE Global Firearms Accessories

CIE Global's logo

Grips, brakes, laser's all here!

For hunters, these links should keep you captivated:

Shooters Web Site
They describe themselves as "The web encyclopedia of the shooting community". A goodresource.

For those of you in our area, we'd like to support our local school by publishing their link. Visit Merrimack Valley/Penacook High School Alumni Page for more information.

For those who know the value of dry-fire practice, this site offers a set-up that works with your computer to give you feedback on how you are scoring.

Air Guns HQ - Your online source for air guns!

Shooting and Hunting, the online source directory.

This link gives a directory of ranges, gunsmiths, gun parts suppliers, etc.Security and Surveillance Products - Security-and-Surveillance.comThe Internet's best selection for Safety and State-of-the-Art Surveillance products for home, personal and business use.

United States Firearms Manufacturing Co, Inc.- This is a Hartford, CT company and a leading, Made-in-USA
manufacturer of 19th century guns and rifles - including the single action revolver, US Pre-War Lightning Magazine Rifle, and the Cowboy Action Rodeo.

Lightningrifle manufactures and distributes historic replicas of the Lightning Rifle. - Online shopping directory with huge number of categories. Tips and articles about safe online shopping and fraud protection. Online shopping discussion forum and much more.

ProtectionMart: Pepper Spray & Stun Guns - Provides self defense products such as mace spray, stun gun, pepper spray and more.

Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Tasers -- Plus many self defense items not readily available in stores.

Resource site for everything to do with safety. Full of newsletters, articles, links and other resources - ALL FREE - in one easy to navigate site to save time and money.

Need help with patents? Check out This is a resource site for everything to do with patents. Full of newsletters, articles, links and other resources - ALL FREE - in one easy to navigate site to save time and money.

Arms Vault Logo - Please follow gun safety rules! - The ultimate gateway to firearms related information

CTK Precision

Manufacturer of shooting rests, gun vises, monopods and gun levels.  Increase your shooting time by maximizing your firearm efficiency. – Firearms, Guns & Weapons community discussion forums.You will find galleries, reviews, articles, more gun links and much more at this site.

Nike Air Shoes Information about Nike Air Shoes and many other athletic shoes!

Lots Of Pepper Spray, Mace, And Home Security Systems Protection Direct offers a large selection of pepper spray, diversion safes, as well as low cost security systems.

Airsoft AEG Guns
Discount Airsoft Products provides high quality branded Airsoft AEG guns at remarkable prices. - Web Directory


pictureof Rottweiler Pagan is gone now, but she worked hard for us. Here she is, playing in the snow.

Introducing Raven, the Rottweiler

picture of Rottweilers Joining Pagan, who is on the right, Raven, the puppy Rottweiler, has shown her enthusiasm as a guard dog. She also loves paying tug-of-war with Pagan.

Raven and Jaguar play with a bowling ball in the pond:

More sites to come as we discover them. Your suggestions would be appreciated!

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