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Magna-Trigger Gun Safety

Tarnhelm Supply Co., Inc. has a smart gun technology available that has been proven in the field. Tarnhelm Supply is the sole source for the Magna-trigger gun safety, a smart gun technology that has been around for decades. This safety device was developed for Smith & Wesson J, K, L and N frame guns. It is also available for a Ruger Security Six. The device works with a magnetic ring which, when worn, allows the gun to fire.

This smart gun has been proven in the field for over 20 years and is ideal for home defense, especially in homes with young children. The applied smart gun technology is also used by security forces in hospitals and by police. Cost for conversion is $360 for S&W K, L, and N frames. Cost for converstion of the J-frame and Ruger Security Six is $750.00. Please include shipping and handling according to our shipping policy.

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Murabito Gun Safety

A Safety For Your Revolver?!?

A revolver has several advantages over an autopistol, one being that it is easier to clean. Another is that it can take more abuse, with dirt and dust not as likely to cause a misfire or jam. On the other hand, most autopistols have the advantage of a safety. If you are looking for a revolver with a safety lever, such as those found on autopistols, you won't find a Smith & Wesson revolver that comes with one.

But now there is an inexpensive conversion for your revolver that will give you the best of both worlds: The Murabito Gun Safety

The price of this conversion is $150.00. Shipping and handling is extra.

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Manual Safety for GLOCK®

New Safety for GLOCK® Available

One safety drawback for GLOCKs® was the absence of a manual safety. However, a new after-market safety changes that. For those who like the GLOCK®, but have not bought or carried one because of the lack of a manual safety, Tarnhelm Supply Co. now offers you an alternative to carrying a gun with a history of accidental misfires. Let us install the new Manual Safety for GLOCK® for you.

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What's newWhat's NewWhat's new

2009 Best of Boscawen Award in the Gunsmith Shop given to Tarnhelm Supply Co. by US Commerce Association (USCA).

Price Increase in effect March 15, 2009. We have not had a major price increase for fifteen years. Our prices are still competitive. Please check our services to see newly listed items.

Manual Safety for GLOCK® - Now available for all models of GLOCK®, including the M-36, this safety adds protection to gun handling for GLOCK® owners.

GLOCK® Grip Reduction - GLOCK® owners with smaller hands reading Massad Ayoob's article in On Target find the GLOCK® grip reduction service we provide interesting. Read more about this service and see pictures of a finished GLOCK® Model 23 and GLOCK® Model 30. The grip reduction is available for all models of GLOCK®. Prices are available on our gunsmithing services webpage.

Remington 870 Accessories – There are many different accessories such as flashlight mount, saddle shell holder and enhanced charging handle which will work great with your shotgun.

Other information - Not so New...

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Other Services Include:

Gunsmithing services for:

  • Smith & Wesson revolvers and autopistols
Smith and Wesson Gun - Use gun safety
picture of Ricky working on a gun - Gun safety expert

Ricky Devoid installing a safety

  • H&K P7 autopistol
  • GLOCK® autopistols
  • Sig Sauer autopistols
Sig Sauer gun - Use gun safety
  • Ruger revolvers and autopistols
Ruger gun - Use gun safety
  • Beretta 1200 and 1201 Shotguns
  • Beretta 1200 and 1201 Shotguns
  • Colt 1911 (O-Frame)

See what some of our customers have to say about our gunsmithing services.

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Defense Tactics - Training:

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Gun Accessories available:

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