The Magna-Trigger Conversion

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Smart gun technology affords us gun safety add-ons that can help protect others. Are you seriously concerned about the chance of you or others being slain or injured after an assailant grabs your gun from your "safe" holster or from your hand? This happens to many law enforcement officers each year! Of the injured, many are crippled for life.

Are you a parent concerned that your efforts to protect your family may instead expose your offspring to danger?

Your MODIFIED Smith & Wesson REVOLVER can help prevent these possibilities. Your special magnetic ring allows you instant firing of your gun, while your assailant (or your child finding your gun) will find it impossible to fire it!

Guns have been modified for police since June, 1976. For convenience, all magnetic rings allow firing of all modified guns. The device slides out for easy gun cleaning, and never requires oiling. Only one moving part is employed. The device is expected to outlast your gun by countless years. The powerful samarium magnets can last for centuries. The tiny stainless steel rings never tarnish, and weigh only five grams (1/5 ounce). You wear the ring on your middle finger for the six-shot guns and on the ring finger for the five-shot guns or the Ruger. Most officers wear a ring on both hands.

Gold and Silver rings are available for those whose tastes require fashion jewelry. These custom rings are converted to Magna-Trigger rings by a jeweler that we certify as competent in doing this work. All prices for custom rings are determined on a case-by-case basis.

All S&W J, K, L, & N frame guns can be modified. One other revolver, the Ruger Security Six revolver can also be modified. No other brands of guns are being modified and we currently are not modifing any autopistols.

Cost for conversion is $360 for S&W K, L, and N frames. Cost for converstion of the J-frame and Ruger Security Six is $750.00. Please include shipping and handling according to our shipping policy.

Shipping Policy

Please click here for our shipping policy. We were shipping guns at a standard $55 charge per gun, but have discovered that this may not be enough to cover one gun, and may be too much for multiple guns shipped at the same time. For that reason, $55 per gun should be considered an estimate for shipping and handling charges. We want to be fair to our customers and yet protect ourselves from the rising costs of charges from Federal Express.

We insure all guns shipped. Insurance shipping charges are included in the $55 estimate, which includes insurance in the amount of $500. Should your shipment be valued higher, we reserve the right to increase the charge to cover the increased costs of additional insurance. For dealer to dealer shipments, for which ATF regulations differ, please contact us for a shipping charge quote.

Please indicate on your orders to us the value of your gun BEFORE gunsmithing work has been done. We will add the gunsmithing charges for work performed to the appraised value you have given us to determine the amount we will be insuring. If you have not included the amount you think your gun is worth, then you have agreed to the value that we appraise the gun to be worth at the time of shipment.

Please keep in mind that the higher value you place on your gun for shipment the higher the shipping and insurance costs will be. We limit our liability for lost guns to the insured amount. Because of UPS policies in regards to gun shipments, Tarnhelm Supply uses Federal Express exclusively. Please ship your guns to us through Fedex, and be sure to insure your gun properly.

Please be sure you have given us a complete street address that is correct, as well as a telephone number. Guns and gun frames cannot be shipped through the US Mail by non-licensees.

    Grips that will work:
Rubber grips with a metal reinforced steel insert will not work (i.e., Pachmayr).

If the grip does not have metal inserts, the ring's magnetism passes through the grips as if they were not there, and without direct contact!

The cost of the conversion is $360.00 and $60.00 for each standard ring. Shipping is priced according to the shipping policy outlined above. Each order takes three to four weeks to process.

Personal checks or money orders are accepted.

MasterCard and Visa welcome!

Here's what our customers have to say about the Magna-Trigger Gun Safety.

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For more detailed information, please write or call:

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