Tarnhelm Supply's Mission Statement

Our customers are safety-minded gun owners, including law enforcement personnel and law-abiding citizens. Their concerns include personal safety, proper training, and well-functioning equipment. We supply add-on revolver and autopistol safeties that help to ensure no unauthorized use of the firearm by children or criminals. We offer high-quality gunsmithing services, as well as the best gun maintenance and equipment supplies. Our market is the world, with customers from as far away as Australia and the Philippines. Our Magna-trigger safety is the only field-proven smart gun technology and has been in use for over twenty-five years. We endeavor to expand our offering of gun safeties with a continuing effort in research and development.

We have a commitment to growth for our company so that our customers can be guaranteed the service they need to maintain their safety equipment. We believe that responsible, well-trained gun owners can safely carry firearms and protect themselves and their loved ones with no danger to law-abiding citizens. All citizens who own firearms should be trained in their safe use and storage. Our instructors are some of the best trained in the world and committed to imparting their expertise and knowledge in a safe learning environment. Our employees are our most valuable asset, and we have a program of continuing education so as to bring the best we can offer to our customers. We see our mission as one contributing to the stability of the social fabric of our civilization and helping to ensure domestic tranquility.

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