Here are the backgrounds of Ricky Devoid and Gail Devoid

RÉSUMÉ - Ricky Devoid

Date of Birth: 5/25/55, married, 2 sons, Ht 5-11 wt 215 Br & Br
Ricky Devoid


FFL dealer since 1976 (Tarnhelm Supply Co., Inc., 431 High St., Boscawen, NH 03303-3800, (603) 796-2551, Fax (603) 796-2918)

Graduate: Lethal Force Institute: LFI 1, 40 hr. course on the legal, moral, ethical, and practical parameters of the use of deadly force. Oct., 1981.

Graduate: MISS (John Shaw) Advanced Combat Pistol & shotgun 30 hrs, Oct., 1982

Graduate: Lethal Threat Management for police, 40 hr. course, May, 1983

Graduate: Advanced Lethal Threat Management (LFI III) 40 hr. course August, 1983

Graduate: Stressfire Combat Handgun Training, 16 hr. May, 1984

Graduate: Chapman Academy (Ray Chapman) Advanced Pistolcraft 40 hr. June, 1984

Graduate: Smith & Wesson Revolver Armorer's School 40 hr, November, 1984

Graduate: Smith & Wesson Auto Pistol Armorer's School 40 hr. December, 1984

Graduate: Smith & Wesson Shotgun Armorer's School 24 hr. December, 1984

Graduate: Ruger Armorer's School Revolver, 40 hr. September, 1985

Graduate: Defense Training Inc. (John Farnum) 30 hr. August, 1986

Graduate: Ruger Armorer's School Rifle, Mini-14, AC-556, M-77, 40 hr. April, 1986

Graduate: Heckler & Koch Armorer's School, P7, PSP, P7M8, P7M13, MP5, MP5SD, HK94, January, 1986

Graduate: Ruger Armorer's School Auto Pistol, P-85 40 hr. January, 1989

Graduate: Smith & Wesson recertification, Auto Pistol, January, 1992

Graduate: Sigarm's Armorer's School, July, 1995

Graduate: Beretta's Armorer's School, May, 1996

Graduate: Colt's Armorer's School, 1911 (O-Frame), April, 1998

Graduate: GLOCK®’s Armorer’s recertification, September, 1999


LFI Instructor, 1981- present

Certified Instructor for rifle, handgun, Feb. 1981

N.H. State director, National Marksman Sports Society, 1982 - 1992

Chief Northeast US Instructor LFI, March 1984 - present

International Police Academy, level 1 Instructor, defensive tactics / unarmed combat, Feb. 1985 - present

ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR for the following advanced training programs:

Chapman Academy Intermediate
Chapman Academy Advanced
MISS Advanced
Farnam short program and long program
IPA Unarmed Combat and Defensive Tactics Instructor Course
Metro - Dade Police Academy - unarmed combat and arrest tactics
Palm Beach County Sheriffs Department - Stressfire Course
Lecturer ASLET seminar (New Hampshire 1989)


Armorer Assistant Instructor for Deerfield Police Department Sept. 1984 - November, 1989

Armorer, Instructor, Patrolman, Weare Police Department Aug., 1986 - 2000


Graduate: Special Tactical and Response Academy, Knife - Counter - Knife (Jim Maloney) 30 hr., April, 1986

Graduate: N.H.Police Standards and Training Council part time Police Officer, 80 hr., February, 1987

Graduate: N.H. Police Standards and Training Council Sex Crime Victim Interviews, 24 hr. March, 1987

Graduate: Street Survival Tactical Edge, and the Win Seminar, 24 hr. March, 1988

Graduate: DRE pre - school Jan., 1991

Graduate: DRE school Feb., 1991

Graduate: N.H. Police Standard and Training Council Field Sobriety Testing, March, 1991

Graduate: N.H. Police Standards and Training Council Breath Test Operator (Intoxilyzer 5000) March, 1991

Graduate: FBI shoot - out overview of 4/11/86 (Special Agent GORDON MCNEIL) August, 1991

Graduate: D.E.A. Drug Law Enforcement Training School, 80 hr. December, 1991

Certified Drug Recognition Expert, February, 1992

Polaroid School of Law Enforcement Imaging-Domestic Violence Seminar, February, 1994

Domestic Violence Coordinating Council class on Domestic Violence Issues and Training, May, 1995

Graduate: N.H. Police Standards and Training Council Inked Prints Workshop, November, 1995

Graduate: New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council's Skid Car Course, March, 1996.

Attended: American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, January, 1997

Graduate: Skid-car Course, NH Police Standards and Training, April, 1997

Graduate: N.H. Police Standards and Training Council Dim Light Survival Techniques, December 1997

Graduate: N.H. Police Standards and Training Council Advanced Report Writing, May 1998

Graduate: N.H. Police Standards and Training Council Warrants and Complaints Writing, May 1998

Graduate: Lethal Force Institute Knife/Counter Knife (Paul Pawella) August, 1998

Graduate: New England Chinese Karate Federation, Lock Flow for Law Enforcement-Phase 1 February, 1998

Recertified N.H. Police Standards and Training Council Breath Test Operator January, 1999


International Police Academy (Jim Morell) 3rd level Defensive Tactics 40 hr. February, 1984

International Police Academy Instructor School Level 1, 40 hr. February, 1985

Scotti School of Defensive Driving 16 hr. May, 1987

Police Driver Training Instructor (cert. by Scotti School of Defensive Driving) 40 hr. June, 1987

Certified Instructor PR-24 police baton (cert. by Monadnock Lifetime Products Inc.) 40 hr. December, 1987

Member American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET) February, 1989 - present.

F.B.I. Auto Pistol / Shotgun Instructor's course (Special Agent Peter Kennedy of the Boston F.B.I.) July, 1991

Certified by Police Standards and Training Council as a Firearms Instructor for Semi-Auto Pistol and Shotgun, September, 1991

Certified By National Law Enforcement Training Center as a Instructor for handgun / long gun retention & disarming December, 1991

Certified Aerosol Subject Restraint Instructor October, 1992

Certified DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor by NHTSA, December, 1992

Certified By Mace Security International OC-Instructor March, 1995

Certified by New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council as a Firearms Instructor for Revolver, Semi-Auto Pistol and Shotgun, September, 1995

Re-certified at New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council by Monadnock Lifetime Products, Inc. as a Certified Instructor for the PR-24 police baton, November, 1995.

Re-certified by New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council as a defensive tactics instructor, March, 1996.

Certified Basic Course Trainer for the straight expandable baton (cert. by Monadnock Training Council, Inc.) March, 1997

Certified ASP Tactical Baton Instructor October, 1997

Re-certified Instructor for Revolver, Semi-Auto, and Shotgun, December, 1997 by Police Standards and Training Council.

Certified by Mace Security International as a Less Than Lethal-Instructor, March, 1998

Certified by Taser as an Advanced Air-Taser Instructor, August, 2001


First Aid and CPR certified, January 1973

First Aid and CPR re-certified, August 1997

First Aid and CPR re-certified, October 1999

Automatic External Defribulator (AED) certified, November 1999

First Aid and CPR re-certified, January 2003


P. O. Box 122
Concord, NH 03302-0122
(603) 224-6814
Massad Ayoob

P. O. Box 300
Weare, NH 03281
(603) 529-7755

RÉSUMÉ - Gail Devoid

Oct 24, 1991 - LFI-1, Lethal Force Institute - The Judicious Use of Deadly Force. A four day course covering legal use of deadly force. 75% classroom instruction, 25% on the range.
Gail Devoid
Oct. 15, 1992 - LFI-1, assisted Lethal Force Institute as a range officer. Re-took qualifying shooting exam.

Dec. 5, 1992 - NRA Certified Home Firearms Responsibility Instructors Training Course, a 10 hour course for those wishing to become NRA certified instructors.

Jan. 16, 1993 - NRA Certified Pistol Instructors Training Course, a 10 hour course.

Feb. 20, 1993 - NRA Certified Personal Protection Instructors Training Course, a 10 hour course.

July 5, 1993 - Aerosol Subject Restraint OC-based gas generic self defense course. Includes taking one hit of pepper mace.

August 6, 1993 - Lethal Force Institute Kubotan Course

August 9, 1993 Lethal Force Institute, LFI-II - Threat Management for Civilians, a 40 hour course in the use of handguns, shotguns, kubaton, weapon retention. Course includes return fire techniques when wounded, building search techniques, and how to assist police in danger situations.

August 16, 1993 - Lethal Force Institute, LFI-III - Advanced Threat Management for Civilians, a 40 hour course in the use of assault rifles and submachine guns, shooting under extreme pressure, advanced combat shotgun, ambidextrous shooting skill. This course gives full certification of weapon retention and kubaton.

September 10, 1995 - Lethal Force Institute, LFI-IV - Breaking the Envelope, an 80 hour course for the Pro-Systems Persuader Baton Instructor Certification Course, National Law Enforcement Training Center's Handgun/Long Retention and Disarming System Instructor's Course, Impossibly High Standards Exercises, including The Hackathorne Standards (shot 109 out of 180) and Double Duty Standards III (shot 58 out of 180), role-playing, with one day teaching LFI-I students and one day teaching sworn police officers weapon retention.

1992 - Present - Assisted as a line officer for LFI-I, LFI- II, LFI-III, LFI Stressfire, LFI Autopistol, and LFI Combat Handguns. Instructor for kubaton and weapon retention, teaching during Hell Week for LFI in Dec. 1993. Instructor at LFI- I in September, 1995, and police instructor during LFI-IV, September, 1995.
Attended American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, January, 1997

1994 - Present - Firearms instructor and assistant instructor for Aerosol Subject Restraint for Tarnhelm Supply Co., Inc., Boscawen, NH.

Member of:

Lifetime NRA member
ASLET - since 1992
IALEFI - since 1995

Instructor for:

NRA Instructor
LFI Line Officer
LFI kubaton and weapon retention instructor

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