Here's some of the comments we received about our services:

picture of a cigarette pack used as a target One customer sent us his Smith & Wesson Model 36 as he couldn't get the gun to hit his target, an empty Kool cigarette pack. Prior to sending the gun, he would target practice with semi-wadcutters, loaded with Green Dot powder. Shooting from 25 feet, he couldn't hit his target at all.

He sent his gun to Tarnhelm Supply. Rick did an action hone, polished the trigger, a tune-up, and re-cut the muzzle crown. This customer received his gun back in a few weeks and went target shooting again. He sent us that next target with his comments.

We had to show you his comments which read, "Center hold; Model 36, "DA" at 25 ft., Cast SWC w/ Green Dot..100% improvement"

Why send your gun to a gunsmith for aftermarket improvements? Because if you are using your gun for self-protection, or for competition, you want results..and 100% improvement in your shooting skills.

"Rick, I would like you to know how much I appreciate the opportunity to use your new revolver safety. [John is referring to the Murabito safety here.] The job you did on my S&W Centennial was, as is your custom, exceptionally competent and thorough. Your work is second to none. I love the trigger, and the safety works exactly as advertised."

John S. Farnam, President
Defense Training International, Inc.

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