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Glock Grip Reduction


These pictures show the finish product of one of our grip reductions. We cut down the rear of the grip frame of a Glock Model 23 for better trigger reach. This modification also helps to reduce recoil. Available for all models of Glock, the grip reduction will allow those with smaller hands and/or shorter fingers to have much better control of the Glock. Most shooters, even those with larger hands, find this modification improves controllability of the Glock.

We have added some pictures of a modified Glock 30, which you can see below. By clicking on the thumbnail picture, you can access a larger photograph.

This shows the GLOCK® Model 30 with the modification to the trigger guard. The GLOCK® Model 30 on the left has the trigger guard undercut, while the GLOCK® Model 30 on the right is the unmodified original,

GLOCK® Model 30 with the modification of a grip reduction. The GLOCK® Model 30 on the top is modifed. The bottom GLOCK® Model 30 has no modification to the grip.

Another shot from a different perspective of the GLOCK® Model 30 with the modification to the trigger guard.

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