Rick Devoid, graduate of:
Armorer's Schools, offers the following services for S&W or Ruger revolvers, S&W autopistols, Sig Sauer autopistols, Ruger autopistols, Beretta autopistols (including the 92 series, the 96 series and the new Cougar), Beretta 1200 and 1201 shotguns, the H&K P-7, Colt 1911 (O-frame) and GLOCK® autopistols:

Service Description Cost
Disassemble, clean internal lubrication, de-burr all parts, "time" cylinder on revolver, check internal and external safeties, inspect action on auto pistol, tighten as necessary $55.00
Action Hone
Glassy smooth polish of contact surfaces of all parts. This is not a "competition action"; rather, spring remains full-power for 100% ignition, on revolver or auto pistol. $100.00
Bob Hammer
Hammer spur is removed for snag-free draw, and to prevent hammer spur from snagging web of hand or glove in stress shooting, on revolver or auto pistol. $35.00
Revolver or Double Action Auto Converted To Double Action Only
Gun cannot be thumb-cocked. Protects against civil liability accusations that your gun was "negligently cocked" when criminal suspect was shot (i.e. Florida vs. Officer Luis Alvarez, the highly publicized "video arcade killing trial.") This modification does not include bobbing the hammer spur. $45.00
Polished Trigger
Serrations on trigger "snag" the finger and pull the gun off target in rapid fire double action shooting. We will remove the sharp edges, round and polish the trigger's contact surface glass-smooth for the kind of control professionals specify for their double action revolvers. Any revolver having an Action Hone should have this done! $45.00
Chamfer Cylinder
Bevel the sharp edge of cylinder on the revolver for easy reloads. $45.00
Re-chamber to .357M
Check cylinder for faults, stress cracks, and bore out to accept .357M. (On an old-style Ruger SP101, we recommend Federal brand 125/.357M only. Other ammo may be too long!) $85.00
Square Butt to Round Butt
S&W, K, L, N frame, and Ruger SS $125.00
Reshape trigger guard:
Custom gun work - example is S&W 645 $75.00

Manual Safety for GLOCK®

Available for all models except the M-36.$125.00
GLOCK® Extended Slide Stop
Install GLOCK® extended slide stop $35.00
GLOCK®-Modify Finger Grooves
Remove front finger grooves $35.00
GLOCK® Grip Reduction
Modify grip $115.00
GLOCK®-Modify Trigger Guard
Undercut trigger guard $35.00
Magnatrigger Safety
Frame size
Available for S&W revolvers, and the Ruger Security Six, this modification makes the gun unable to fire without a Magnatrigger Ring.

S&W K, L, or N frame $360.00

S&W J-Frame or Ruger Security Six $750.00

Magna-trigger Ring
Adjustable band Magna-Trigger ring. $60.00
Murabito Safety
Available for S&W revolvers, this modification changes the cylinder latch into a safety. $150.00
Powder Eater
Available for S&W, Taurus and Ruger revolvers, this modification stops revolvers from binding. $75.00
Function Test Fire
Gun is tested with our ammunition. $45.00
Sight-in Gun
Send 50 rounds of your ammunition and magazine. $45.00
Opening Up Rear Sight
For a fixed-sight gun $35.00
Complete Disassembly
Inspect for wear, clean, lubricate with gun oil $45.00
Dry Lube Special
Gun is completely disassembled, de-greased, cleaned, and treated with a dry lubrication system. $110.00
Dry Lube Deluxe
Gun is completely disassembled, de-greased, cleaned, and treated with a dry lubrication system. Then, each part is burnished by hand for the ultimate protection. $135.00
S&W Auto Double Action Only
Change factory gun to include a slide-mounted safety (parts are included in price) $125.00
Polishing Throat
Polishing the throat will reduce feeding problems.$45.00
Beveling and Polishing Magazine Well
Polishing the magazine well will facilitate quick insertion of the magazine.$45.00
Magazine Disassembly
Inspect, clean, adjust as necessary $15.00/mag
Recut Muzzle Crown
Removes burrs or damage; this increases accuracy. $35.00
Carry Melt
Break all sharp edges on gun (does not include re-bluing on a blued gun) $225.00
Polish and Adjust Safety
Done on autoloading pistol, for easier operation $45.00
Recut Forcing Cone
On revolver, to 11 degrees $35.00
Install Colored Insert In Front Sight
Please call for colors available. $45.00
General Gunsmithing Please call with your questions. $65.00/hour or agreed upon price
Shipping & Handling
Return shipping and handling of your gun. $55.00

GLOCK® Auto Pistols Safety Update

Serial number range: Note: Any three-letter prefix on a serial number indicates that the safety update has already been done.

Safety update (This is not the new Manual Safety for GLOCK®):

Disassemble and:

Cost: $35.00

New York Trigger
Cost: $20.00

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Shipping Policy

Please click here for our shipping policy. We were shipping guns at a standard $55 charge per gun, but have discovered that this may not be enough to cover one gun, and may be too much for multiple guns shipped at the same time. For that reason, $55 per gun should be considered an estimate for shipping and handling charges. We want to be fair to our customers and yet protect ourselves from the rising costs of charges from Federal Express.

We insure all guns shipped. Insurance shipping charges are included in the $55 estimate, which includes insurance in the amount of $500. Should your shipment be valued higher, we reserve the right to increase the charge to cover the increased costs of additional insurance. For dealer to dealer shipments, for which ATF regulations differ, please contact us for a shipping charge quote.

Please indicate on your orders to us the value of your gun BEFORE gunsmithing work has been done. We will add the gunsmithing charges for work performed to the appraised value you have given us to determine the amount we will be insuring. If you have not included the amount you think your gun is worth, then you have agreed to the value that we appraise the gun to be worth at the time of shipment.

Please keep in mind that the higher value you place on your gun for shipment the higher the shipping and insurance costs will be. We limit our liability for lost guns to the insured amount. Because of UPS policies in regards to gun shipments, Tarnhelm Supply uses Federal Express exclusively. Please ship your guns to us through Fedex, and be sure to insure your gun properly.

Please be sure you have given us a complete street address that is correct, as well as a telephone number. Guns and gun frames cannot be shipped through the US Mail by non-licensees.

If we are shipping just gun parts to you, the shipment is actual cost plus a $5 handling charge.

Personal checks or money orders are accepted.

MasterCard and Visa welcome!

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