LFI-I class taught June, 1996

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Speed crouch
Massad Ayoob and Ricky Devoid teach the Speed crouch, a quick way to take cover and shoot.

Shooting from the low kneeling position
Here the class gets down even lower to shoot.

Mas and Ricky analyze the results
A discussion follows on how the class is shooting and ways to improve their shots.

Mas shooting low kneeling
The best way to demonstrate good shooting is to have the students to watch your technique.

Ricky Devoid, Senior LFI Instructor
Ricky has been teaching at the Dunbarton, NH, range since the early 80's.

Low kneeling position
The students try the low kneeling position again after having received further instruction. Rick Millo helps Justine with her technique.

Mas watches his daughter, Justine, shoot
This class was special for Mas as that is his daughter, Justine, that he is teaching. It was her first exposure to a formal LFI class.

Ricky checks Mas' autopistol
Ricky Devoid has been Mas' trusted armorer for years, and here he has Ricky testing his gun to be sure it's in tip-top shape.

Teaching the finer points of techniques
After every set, the students receive feedback on their shooting, and an explanation of the next technique.

The line shoots high kneeling
Here the line is shooting from the high kneeling position while Ricky calls the line. Each exercise is done with different times, with the times getting more difficult as the students progress.

Students shoot speed crouch again
The second time the class does the speed crouch their improvement is very apparent.

Herm Davison is range officer
This class had the opportunity to work with Herm Davison, Gail Devoid (not shown here), and Rick Millo (also not shown).

Gail Devoid, on the line
Gail has been a range officer for LFI since 1992. She is an LFI-IV charter graduate, and frequently teaches at the LFI classes in Dunbarton, NH.

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