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Dry Lube is the revolutionary DRY FILM Lubrication and Corrosion Protection System for today's shooters and sports enthusiasts. Products include:
BP2000 POWDER - Pure powdered lubricant with a natural bonding affinity for metals. BP2000 is for trigger jobs and fine-tuning the surfaces of bores and bolts, etc. When used with SMOOTH-KOTE, friction is reduced by as much as an additional 20%, compared to oiled surfaces.

TUF-CLOTH - A long-lasting lint-free replacement for oil and siliconerags. Instead of using oil, Sentry uses a mixture of dry film corrosion inhibitorsand lubricants to provide a fast-drying, water-displacing MICRO-BONDINGCRYSTAL BARRIER against rust, friction and wear. The water-proof shieldwill not attract dirt and it won't leave a slippery film like silicone. TUF-CLOTHprotects more than 14 times longer than the competition.

MARINE TUF-CLOTH - Like TUF-CLOTH,but formulated with additional ingredients to enhance protection againsthighly corrosive saltwater and high humidity. Use MARINE TUF-CLOTH whenyour gear is faced with extreme conditions.

HI-SLIP GREASE - A synthetic blend containing the finest solid lubricants available. Lubricates and protects from -65 degrees Fahrenheit/-54 degrees Centigrade to the hottest desert temperatures, and isextremely resistant to water wash off. HI-SLIP GREASE prevents gallingeven under extreme conditions.

SMOOTH-KOTE - A fast-drying lubricant and bore treatment that bonds to metals. SMOOTH-KOTE protects metals from friction and gives surfacesa grime reducing non-stick coating. Cleaning firearms becomes as simpleas brushing them off. SMOOTH-KOTE dramatically reduces all types of fouling and enhances accuracy, reliability and bullet velocity.

TUF-GLIDE - A quick-drying partner for TUF-CLOTH, TUF-GLIDE is a powerful dry-filmrust inhibitor and lubricant that outperforms oils, silicones andsimilar products. The coating bonds to metals so it will notwash or wipe off. Use TUF-GLIDE to protect the hard-to-reachareas of all your equipment and gear.

The Armorer's Kit contains SMOOTH-KOTE,BP2000 POWDER, HI-SLIP GREASE,and a TUF-CLOTH, to treat the interiors and exteriors of all your firearms and equipment. One treatment provides dry filmprotection and lubrication for thousands of rounds, and makes cleaning as simple as brushing off.

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