Sentry Solutions' Armorer's Kit

Armorer's Kit #91100 - $$39.95

Sentry's solution to the lubrication and corrosion problems faced by today's armorers.


The Armorer's Kit includes: SMOOTH-KOTE (Provides excellent lubrication and makes cleaning easier); BP2000 POWDER (Pure lubricants to fine-tune surfaces of bores, bolts, slides and trigger parts); HI-SLIP GREASE (A synthetic grease, specifically designed for firearms, that has the benefits of oil but will "stay put". Lubricates over a wide temperature range and will not wash off); and a TUF-CLOTH, (The revolutionary replacement for oil/silicone rags that provides superior dry-film corrosion protection and lubrication).


Clean all surfaces of oil, powder/metal residues, rust, dirt, etc. using cleaners such as Gun Scrubber, Quick Scrub, alcohol or other solvents that do not leave a residue. Detail stripping, of the slide at least, is recommended. Allow cleaned surfaces to dry.

Apply SMOOTH-KOTE to all interior surfaces, including bore. Use brush, cotton applicators, dipping or spraying, etc. The coating will dry in 2 or 3 minutes and cure in 2 hours at room temperature or you can apply heat for 2 minutes. For quick clean up of SMOOTH-KOTE use alcohol pads or TUF-CLOTH.

Use BP2000 POWDER to fine tune surfaces treated with SMOOTH-KOTE or TUF-CLOTH, such as trigger parts, rails and bolt, etc. Use a patch, pipe cleaner or applicator to rub BP2000 vigorously into the surfaces.

Use HI-SLIP GREASE sparingly (a spot of grease about the size of a pin head) on high load or wear points. Most firearms do not require grease.

Use TUF-CLOTH to wipe exterior of firearm, magazines and magazine-well. To maintain firearm, after firing sequence, unload & inspect. Firearm can be cleaned with a dry nylon-bristle brush. Then use the SMOOTH-KOTE precision applicator to touch up the wear points. TUF-CLOTH can be used to maintain the treated surfaces, the exterior, even wood and plastic components. Excessive wiping with cloth can remove some SMOOTH-KOTE, BP2000. No solvent needs to be used prior to touching-up with SMOOTH-KOTE. TUF-CLOTH provides cleaning & lubrication even to SMOOTH-KOTE'd areas.

CAUTION: SMOOTH-KOTE contains alcohol and is flammable. Keep away from flames. Keep away from children.

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