Jar, Applicator, and RefillerSentry Solutions SMOOTH-KOTE

A revolutionary blend of dry solid lubricants that prevents residue build-up and provides excellent lubrication.

2 oz. Screw-Top Jar, # 91030 -$12.95
1/2 oz. Precision Applicator, # 91070 - $8.95
8 oz. Flip-top Refiller, # 91090 - $17.95

SMOOTH-KOTE is a high-performance, dryfilm lubricating replacement for gun oils and bore treatments. It is a proprietary mix of the best available dry film lubricants in fast-drying, residue-free isopropyl alcohol (the same as found in rubbing alcohol). These lubricants have a natural affinity for metal. Sentry's formula takes advantage of a synergy among these lubricants to deliver performance superior to the, individual ingredients alone. Isopropyl alcohol is the carrier for the lubricants and provides cleaning action, then evaporates, allowing the lubricants to bond to the pores in the clean metal surface. This bonding assures long-lasting effectiveness. SMOOTH-KOTE is easily applied to all the interior surfaces of firearms; in addition to lubrication, it gives surfaces a non-stick coating that not only keeps dirt and residues from adhering, but makes cleaning simple. SMOOTH-KOTE is superior to oil and silicone because it works when dry - and thus will not attract and hold dirt. As a bore treatment, SMOOTH-KOTE "smooths the rough spots", thus enhancing velocity and minimizing fouling - without compromising accuracy.


Use gloves if available; otherwise, we suggest using waterless hand-cleaner for clean-up.
Clean surfaces well; use a residue-free cleaner, or rinse the cleaned/degreased surface with rubbing alcohol, methanol or ethanol before treating.
Stir and shake SMOOTH-KOTE well. Apply a thin coat to all interior surfaces, including the bore, using a brush, dipping, spraying, or by using the Precision Applicator. Allow 2 hours at room temperature for curing, or apply heat to shorten curing time.

To maintain: use a dry nylon-bristle brush to clean surfaces and bore. Then touch-up wearing surfaces with SMOOTH-KOTE.

NOTE: If using lead bullets, bore may be cleaned using a bronze brush or, if needed, bore solvent. Then re-treat bore with SMOOTH-KOTE as in steps above.

NOTE: SMOOTH-KOTE is not a permanent coating.

CAUTION: FLAMMABLE. Contains alcohol. Harmful if swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through skin; use with adequate ventillation. May cause eye irritation. Wash hands after using. Keep away from children.

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