Stressfire Album

Stressfire Album

This June's Stressfire class learned three different shooting positions: The Weaver, The Chapman, and Isosceles. After a day of learning techniques, the class went on to shoot reaction targets, first plates, then pins.

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The Weaver
The Weaver stance is demonstrated here by some students in the June, 1996 Stressfire class taught in Dunbarton, NH.

The Weaver stance in practice
After shooting dry fire, the class goes on to put the technique into practice.

Clearing the line
Since this is a cold range, all firearms are checked between drills to ascertain that the guns are unloaded and holstered safely.

The Isosceles stance
The class dry fires in the Isosceles stance.

Isosceles stance - live fire
Shooting commences with the Isosceles stance.

Timed shooting
As each stance is practiced, shooting times get shortened, and the shooters start to experience the stress of the course.

The Chapman Stance
With the weak arm bent, as though in the Weaver stance, and the strong arm straight, the students learn the Chapman Stance.

Reloading drills
Once the three stances are taught, the class moves on to practice reloading drills. The reloading drills are taught on the inside range before the students go to the outdoor range and put the techniques taught into live practice.

Faster! Faster!
Students are put under increasing stress as the time for the reloading drill is cut.

Revolver reload
A revolver takes longer to reload, so this student's stress level is high.

One hand shooting
Students practice shooting one hand, with the strong hand.

One hand shooting continues
Times are cut for this practice as for the others.

One hand shooting - weak hand
Students continue one hand shooting, but this time they shoot with their weak hand.

Weak hand shooting continues
Once again, times get cut for the weak hand shooting drill.

Shooting from the crouch position
Students learn how to shoot from the crouch position.

Students learn to cover a wide area
The students learn to change from the Isosceles to the Weaver as they turn from right to left (if right-handed), putting the different stances into another practical application.

Covering the rear
As students lift one knee, they learn that they can continue to cover their rear without much effort.

Covering back to the right
As students swing from the left to the right, the left knee goes down, and the right knee comes up, allowing them to cover to the right. As the students change position, it is natural for them to move from one stance to the next.

High kneeling
Students shoot from the high kneeling position.

Plate shooting
Out on the larger rifle range, students begin plate shooting.

Plate shooting continues
Each student is given a chance to practice plate shooting before the competition begins.

Competition induces higher stress levels
After initial practice, students compete against one another.

Winners continue the plate shooting
The winners of the preceding matches compete against one another.

Pin shooting
Pin shooting techniques are explained to the class. This is where the Weaselcraft 101 course is given.

The referee
Ricky Devoid calls out range commands and decides the winners of the pin shooting matches.

Pin Shooting matches
Students compete against each other.

The Stun Gun
This looks like a fairly dangerous man....that's a stun gun he has in his hand. Each students is subjected to a shock from the stun gun prior to shooting to learn what impact the shock and stress will have on his abilities. This is not for the faint of heart.

The Zap!!
Here comes the zap!

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