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Designer Jewelry - Gold Necklace
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This necklace is bead crocheted with vintage gold-lined crystal beads made in Czechoslovakia in the 1920s. The accent beads terminating the rope are crocheted daggers which have a finish made with gold to give a wonderful play of color on the glass. The finish is known as marea. A close up of the "pinecones" shows the beauty of these beads:

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The necklace is 57 inches long -- almost five feet of luscious bead crochet rope. The length gives you options for wearing the necklace. You can wrap it once around your neck before letting the dangles fall to each side, knot it several ways, or wear it as a belt. The necklace shown here is the actual piece for sale.

$300.00 - Designer Jewelry sold

If you would like this piece, contact Gail Devoid to order yours! This is available for as long as the supply of vintage Czech gold-lined crystal beads lasts.