This cabochon is made from stone containing copper, and has copper beads in the bezel highlighting the stone. Other beads used in its composition are Japanese Miyuki hex beads and silver lined beads, as well as tiny beads to make the points. The cabochon is backed with ultra suede, and the piece hangs on strong flexible beading wire, which is strung with the same fine Japanese beads and copper accent beads. The strand highlights the copper used in the pendant

Necklace strand (Scroll to continue)

This picture of the back of the pendant shows the ultra suede and the fine workmanship done on the pendant.

Back of pendant Click to enlarge to see detail.

This unusual stone contains copper in its matrix, thus to keep the cabochon shining as you see it here, you should polish the stone. If you prefer to watch it develop verdigris, that will be your choice.