Iris LadyAmulet Bag

This special bag is one of a kind, with colors chosen by Gail Devoid of Designer Jewelry - Need For Beads Logoeed For Beads, to complement Dragon's Iris Lady design. The bag includes a Dutch spiral necklace, and fringe that uses freshwater pearls.

This loomed bag was crafted with high-quality Japanese Delicas, and the quality of all the beads is superb. Click on the thumbnails to view closeups, and then close the window that opens to return here.

Full view

closeup of front of bag

Snap Closure

Bag has a snap closure, one that is clear plastic so that it does not interfere with the design when opened. Store your car key and money with confidence that the bag will hold your items securely.

Back of Amulet Bag

Back of bag has bird on branch

Dutch spiral necklace is securely fastened to bag.

I created this bag before I started doing my own designs. I am very unlikely to do this pattern again. Each bead in the body of the bag was sewn on a loom, and then the bag was finished with bugle beads at the top. The strap has beads spiraling, but what most non-beaders do not know is that each bead in a Dutch spiral design is sewn, one by one. This bag took 500 hours to do, as the fringe is also sewn, bead by bead, and in a special pattern.

The bag measures 5 1/4 inches (13.3 cm) from the top of the strap closure to the bottom of the longest piece of fringe.The width of the amulet bag is 2 3/8 inches (6.0 cm). The Dutch spiral strap is 27.5 inches (69.9 cm) long. All pearls, those in the sleeve, and those at the bottom of the fringe, are freshwater white pearls.