Aqua Blue Vintage Czech Seed Bead Necklace with Art Beads

Designer Jewelry - Herringbone Necklace

This designer necklace uses vintage silver-lined Czech seed beads from the 1920s. The strand is a new stitch being developed by Gail Devoid, and gives a woven look to the beadwork. The pendant is done in brick stitch, and is embellished with three art beads, one attached to the pendant and the other two hanging free. Stitched with fireline, the necklace is sturdy, but has a wonderful drape and flexibility.

Designer Jewelry - Clasp on Herringbone Necklace

This is a Gail Devoid original brought to you through N eed For Beads. As with all offerings from N eed For Beads, the picture is of the actual item for sale. All beads in this beautiful piece are of the highest quality.

A closeup of the sterling silver clasp and the sterling silver endcaps shows how nicely these goes with the silver-lined beads:

Designer Jewelry - Closeup of Clasp

Length of the necklace: 20.25" (51.5 cm)

Size of the pendant from the top of the bail to the lowest hanging art bead: 3.25" (8.3 cm)

Here is a closeup of the pendant, which, although the art beads are permanently attached, still can be taken off the strand to wear the pendant on a chain or a silk or leather cord without the beaded strand:

Designer Jewelry - Closeup of pendant
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Necklace: $100.00

Also available, a matching bracelet with a matching sterling silver clasp .