Purple Aventurine Flower Bracelet with Art Bead

Designer Jewelry - Purple Aventurine Flower Bracelet

This bracelet is a combination of red aventurine stone beads and vintage Czech seed beads. The clasp is an art bead done by Laurel Rigoulot Diebolt especially for this bracelet.

This mixture of stone and glass creates a flower bracelet that is supple, but strong. All beads in this beautiful piece are of the highest quality. Strung with smoke fireline, the thread is nearly invisible, but strong (6 lb. test fireline). The bracelet has a lovely drape.

Length of the bracelet: 9.0" (22.9 cm) to fit an 7.50 to 8.0 " (20.3 cm) wrist

As with all offerings in the  N eed For Beads store, the picture is of the actual item for sale.

Bracelet: $55.00