Hemimorphite Beaded Bead Bracelet

Designer Jewelry - Hemimorphite Beaded Bead Bracelet
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Here is another variation that beaded beads gave me as a designer. In this bracelet, I combined a soft green color and a darker green metallic color to give another beautiful effect. I have done others of this design, but this time, I used hemimorphite stone beads, with green metallic hex beads and aurum gold Swarovski crystals.

Combining stones, crystal, and high-quality seed beads creates a wonderful design. The stones are 6mm hemimorphite druks and are used in the beaded beads. The strand includes large 8mm aurum Swarovski beads as spacers between the beaded beads.

The beaded beads also use Swaroski crystals. The tiny hex beads are high-quality Miyuki 15/0 seed beads. Along with the stone beads, these different sized beads are woven together using 6 lb. test crystal Fireline, a beading thread known for its durability and strength. Once the beaded beads are created, then more crystals, both 4mm and 8mm Swarovski Aurum bicones, and the beaded beads were strung using gold flexible wire. The clasp is gold-plated pewter. As a finishing touch, I used 14kt gold filled crimp covers and 14 kt gold-filled wire protectors.

Put this all together, and the components make a dazzling bracelet. This bracelet will fit a 7.5" (19.1cm) wrist comfortably. There is also a pair of matching earrings for sale.

Hemimorphite Beaded Bead Bracelet