Black Pearl Chips Bracelet!

This bracelet has lovely black lip pearl chips arranged with gold-lined vintage Czech crystal beads to make this beautiful design. If you like lots of sparkle, this one is for you. The picture hardly captures the beauty of the beads or the pearl chips. The base beads are not gold silver-lined beads, but crystal GOLD-lined beads that will never tarnished. Manufactured in the 1920s, these beads command a premium price, but they are here for you in a designer bracelet priced reasonably. Lots of sparkle makes this bracelet fun to wear, and as the light catches the nacre of the pearl, the bracelet will draw you in for a closer look.

The beads are woven using strong thread. The bracelet fits a wrist that measures 7.5 inches in diameter. With a beaded clasp composed of the same high-quality vintage Czech seed beads, all of the bracelet sparkles!

With all the glitz and class in this one, you can wear this one during the day right into the night.

A designer original from Need For Beads, you will love the way this bracelet feels on your wrist.

A close up of the bracelet can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail above